Snow Days

Snow Days

I live in one of the states in the southern U.S., which will for now go unnamed, but is wildly known for its dreadful fear of the cold, and especially frozen water.  Residents of this state are notoriously bad drivers in good weather conditions, and far worse when precipitation takes a turn for the colder.

So there it was on Monday night, the news report of freezing rain and snowfall.  The district for which I worked closed schools before the bad weather even hit.  Now, if I were in the northern U.S., it would have been a typical winter week, but we just can’t resist a good snow day, or four.  The snow came, and the city shut down.

Most people stayed indoors, peering out their windows wondering when this would all end.  They started calling it the “snowpocalypse”.  I was one of the braver ones who gets stir crazy and had to get out of the house each day.  It was entertaining seeing cars play slip-n-slide all over the roads.  I didn’t go out once without seeing a car spin out of control and hit something.  Suckers.

A-  Teacher

I’m sure all the kids were glad that we had four full days off of school, and I was, too, at first.

See, I’m an A minus teacher.  I work pretty hard at getting kids to learn how to write with correct grammar and spelling, and I know all too well that for every day away from school, students lose three days of knowledge.  That’s why teachers rarely give quizzes on Mondays—it’s a recipe for disaster.

So now, here I am on a Sunday night, wondering how I am going to jar my students’ memories from a near week off of school.  I am fairly certain that some of them have forgotten their own names by now.

Just kidding, sorta.  I do have a student (this is middle school, mind you) that cannot spell his own name.  I’ll give him some credit, though.  He works hard and always gets the first two letters correct.  Then he fills in the rest with random vowels and symbols that vaguely resemble some sort of alphabet.

He isn’t the one I’m worried about.  I worry about the kid who couldn’t remember his own birthday.  I’ll say though, he does predict bad weather with eery accuracy.  He came in last Monday first thing in the morning and said, “Did you hear?  There’s not gonna be school tomorrow.  It’s gonna snow.  I hope it snows all week.”

Well done, young weatherman.


4 thoughts on “Snow Days

  1. “Students” should be “students'”; the sentence after that you wrote “I” instead of “I’m”; I believe the sentence, ” I’ll give him some credit though” should have a comma before “though.” So I amend my prior post. Three errors by my count. To your credit, you seem to be as generous with commas as I like to be. :o)

    • Thanks for pointing them out; I’ve amended those mistakes, thanks to your keen eye. I usually write these after a long day at work and a few stiff drinks.

      And yes, I also love the comma. Oh, how I love the comma.

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