Research Fail

My students spent a couple of weeks researching a global cause and creating a presentation using a web application called glogster.  It was spectacular.  The brackets are my notes.

Today I learned:

  • 250,000 polar bears die each year [which means they go extinct ten times per year]
  • Because global warming is killing all the polar bears, we can save them by helping them cool off
  • polar bears are a spices of bear
  • If there are too many landfills we will all suffocate and die
  • “There are  925 Million Under MOurished People In The World That DEal  WIth  World Hunger!!!!!” [as opposed to other malnourished people who don’t deal with hunger?]
  • We celebrated [Thanksgiving] all that we are thankful for by gorgng ourselves right into a food coma. It’s the traditional way. [Wait.  Actually, that’s true]
  • When trees are cut it increases the water quantity.
  • “what are landfills gases? landfills gases is when people throw trash away more than a car weight.”
  • Life began on the planet about 3,500 years ago
  • Lions are endangered because of hunting.  We should catch all the tigers left and put them in zoos.  Or we can put up “No Hunting” signs.

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