The Educator Strikes Back

it is a dark time for the
Students.  Although the
grading period has been verified
Imperial teachers have driven the
Rebel pupils from their hidden
bases and pursued them across
the school campus…

Darth Teacher

At the time of my last post, my students had made my life miserable.  It was time to repay the favor.

After calling parents, pulling students from classes, and keeping them before and after school, I had little choice.  I had no support from parents, and an administration that would stop at nothing to raise their scores.  I had to hit them where it hurts: lunch.

Middle schoolers revel in their lunch time.  It is the only official time during the school day to socialize.  They would rather be boiled in hot oil than have to eat their lunch with, gulp, a teacher.  To forfeit their time in the cafeteria is the worst punishment any middle school student could imagine.

Now, I had to be careful about this.  Students have to eat.  If even one student was unable to eat lunch because of my actions,  I would be in a legal battle and out of a job.  I came up with a plan.

So We Meet Again, Young Skywalker

I called in the failing pupils before lunch, and told each them to take a seat as they filed into my room.

“Do you know why I have called you here?” I asked.

No one answered.

“Personal responsibility.  You lack it, and that is why you are here. [imagine Darth Vader breathing here]  For the next three weeks, your lunch is mine.”

“You are going to eat our lunches?” one asked.

“We don’t get to eat lunch?  That’s not fair!” another said.

“Oh, no.  It’s worse than that,” I said. “You have to eat lunch…with me.”


“Yes, young Padawans.   The ignorant alliance has been crushed, and you are under my power.  You will get your lunch, and  you will eat here, with me, until you no longer fail my class.  And then, you will learn the ways of the smart side…”


One thought on “The Educator Strikes Back

  1. Your timings is truly impeccable. I am on day four of a six day Star Wars marathon. Awesomely creative motivation for the kids, too. Let me know if it works, cause I’ll definitely pass the trick along to others.

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