The Ones That Make It Count

One of my favorite people on staff is a man who works with the mentally disabled students in the life skills room.  A real tough job sometimes.  But this man manages to bring out the best in everything, a trait that I truly admire.

I was on my way out after school when I saw two students, brother and sister, bringing up the recycling carts to be emptied outside.  I stopped and grabbed a couple of carts to roll out there with them.  We were outside emptying the them when this staff member joined us grabbing carts and shaking them over the big blue bin.

He started telling the students about how great recycling was and began singing an impromptu soul song about recycling.  I liked the sound of it, so I started beat boxing along with his singing.  Soon we had an all-out vocal jam session, recycle style.  We even had the kids singing along with us.  It was pretty much baller.

That, my friends, is one that makes it count.


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