Out in Public

This evening I ran into a couple of my students at the mall.  This is precisely why I avoid the mall, Walmart, and NASCAR races.  But sometimes, it’s fun.

I had just gotten out of a movie when one of my students walked past me with several of his friends.  He did not recognize me without my teacher garb, and walked on by.  One of my other students arrived outside the cinema with several other kids and immediately started shouting my name.  I gave him my traditional bro handshake and chatted with the kids for a minute.  They went on in to the theater, and the first student came up to me after hearing I was outside.  He started asking me about my weekend and what movie I saw.  Then he got nervous and asked if I was going to give him homework for seeing him out in public.

“No way,” I replied.  “Homework is for school days.  Weekends, no homework.  And that goes for the both of us.”  Then I sent him on his way to chill with his friends.

You know, kids can be pretty cool when they’re not in school.  They can be punks in class, but alright on their own.  I guess that says something about the school environment.  Or just that kids are, well, just kids.


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