Summer Solstice

This evening when I got home, my legs were so sore I could barely walk across the room.  I thought to myself, “Why do my legs hurt so?  I haven’t gone running in days…wait, no.  That was this morning; it’s only felt like days.  Why?  Today was Open House.”


The following is an excerpt from World Book Erroneous:

    “There is a long established and erroneous belief held by many that the longest day of the year, known as the summer solstice, takes place  around June 20/21.  This is actually not true.  While that day may provide the most amount of visible light of any day in the year, the real summer solstice always takes place in September, and is more variable in date.  

    See, the longest day of the year is known by all teachers and is commonly referred to as “Open House”.  On that day each year, teachers open their classroom doors at 7:30 am or earlier, teach all day long, and then stay through the evening to meet parents, answer questions, and placate the general population of soon-to-be educated youth.  This lasts roughly until 9:00 pm when families slowly leave the building and fade over the horizon, making it the actual longest work day of the year at roughly thirteen and a half hours.”


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