The Time I Told my Kids To Twerk It

Ah, it’s good to be back.

The yellow dog busses are pulling into the schools, streams of backpacked students are pouring out into rivers of new school outfits, their shoes squeaking happily into the freshly waxed corridors of middle school.  Young timid sixth graders are being shepherded to their first classes, weaving in between the slouching sleepy-eyed eighth graders slinking their way to American History.  The hallways are full of excited chatter, the expressive ramblings of seventh graders showing each other their Facebook summer albums on brightly displayed smartphones.

And me?  I am ecstatic, ready for a new year of molding minds and creating great writers.  Oh, and of course, putting my foot in my mouth.

Call Me Miley Cyrus

As the year has gotten under way, we began our first writing composition of the school year–a personal narrative.  As any good English teacher, I have modeled brainstorming, drafting, revising, editing, with my students following suit.  It has come time for my students to create their first final draft.

I was giving some final instructions for my students before they were to begin.

“Make sure you single-space, since this is a final draft.  Remember the suggestions your peers have given you, to add details and improve your writing, and correct the mistakes they have pointed out.  Don’t just rewrite your rough draft.  You need to really twerk it.”

Immediately all of the faces in my classroom shot up at me.

“I mean, tweak it.  TWEAK it.  Please, no twerking.”

Oh gosh, how red my face must have been.  Well, here’s to another great and crazy school year!

No Twerking

No Twerking


4 thoughts on “The Time I Told my Kids To Twerk It

  1. That’s awesome… and something I would totally do. Of course, these things only matter in middle school. Like when I told a student, “Stop playing with my stick!” when he was waving my meter stick around in the air. Oh… I thought I’d never live that one down! :)

  2. Haha. Out of all of the possible words to mix up or jumble it has to be twerk. A word that now everyone seems to know about. Thanks Miley! Nice post! :)

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